Looking for the beauty

By looking4beauty

Euphoria Crete day 6

This morning Chris and I jumped on the local bus and headed to Chania, the nearest town/city. It was a lot further than we thought and took nearly an hour to get there as the tourist bus stopped every couple of minutes to let people on. When we got there, we headed for the old town which is beautiful. It is built around a port with lots of little streets leading off from the main one with all sorts for sale. There's a big harbour and a lovely wall to walk along.
We stayed for a couple of hours and got lots of great pictures before heading back to the hotel and making it just in time before the main buffet finished at 2.30.
In the afternoon I sunbathed and went to the gym as I couldn't have my usual swim as the pool was evacuated after someone had had a little accident in it! Lovely!!

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