New information on our water situation.

They came today to fix it. Fixed. Released the water back into the pipe and very shortly after it was leaking again.

Again we are off water. We might get it back on Saturday, but I don't have high hopes for that.

The insurance company's plumbers have now stated that the pipes are so shitty that the whole line needs to be fixed or changed. And it's builder's responsibility.

There's a man on the neighborhood that has told several people that the pipes they used to that line that is now leaking all over, were left out to sunshine for 2 years before they were taken into use. So no surprise that the plastic pipes start leaking massively.

The problem is that this builder is known for not wanting to part with money. So our only hope is that the city hall will make this happen for us. They are the only one with any grip on this builder. We'll see.

I contacted our home insurance agent and he'll come tomorrow to make a claim for us on our insurance, because running water is quite the necessity and this is in now way our fault. Let's see. Also not hoping much from that, but we will try. I'd think these are the situations for which you pay the insurance for.

So tonight we'll go shead the worst sweats to the sea and then use the buckets for washing.

We have many neighbors who have water offering us to use their shower. But I'll take that offer when I need to wash my hair. They are also offering us laundry, which I need to consider if the insurance don't cover it.

Tomorrow I'll hopefully receive my laptop cable. And I don't have to use iPad for blip. It would be easier. Problem is that the delivery time is until 10pm. The whole day! How can you be home all day long and it's Friday. So if we aren't home, the delivery will go to the post office, which will open on Monday and only be open 4 hours a day....

Sometimes everything seems to be a hassle!

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