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Alan Turing's Teddy Bear

Today we went to Bletchley Park, which is where today’s picture was taken. It shows Alan Turing’s teddy bear; I have also included two extra pictures, one of the famous “Mansion” and one taken in the National Museum of Computing, showing one side of the rebuilt Colossus. It also shows the back of one of the volunteers who maintain her, who was speaking with my husband; eighty-one year old David White.
As well as the main Bletchley Park site, we visited the National Museum of Computing, which houses the rebuilt Colossus as well as many other computers and related instruments. This is now a separate museum and not part of the Bletchley Park site; it also incurs an additional charge. My husband was a visiting lecturer at Bletchley Park many moons ago and could not find the building he lectured in. Once we were in the National Museum of Computing we discovered why. When the new owners took over the running of Bletchley Park they wanted control of the rebuild Colossus and because those who had rebuilt it did not want this to happen, the new owners simply put up a fence, diving the area into two. Colossus is still in exactly the same place as she always was and the site is now a preserved area so it cannot be used to build on. The Computing museum is far more interesting than the Bletchley Park site itself and we should have spent more time there; we will do so if we go again. The Computing Museum is a short walk away from the main area and as we walked, my husband was delighted to recognise the buildings in which he lectured.
The temperature at GMT noon was twenty-one degrees Celsius; it was sunny all day.

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