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Not Something You See Everyday

On the Park and Ride Bus!

Yesterday we went to Bletchley Park and on returning home, my husband’s custom made contact lens was no longer in his eye! How does this fall out without you noticing?? As this is specially made we had to go to Addenbrookes Hospital as we knew the Optometrist was likely to be there today. She fitted my husband in between patients taking all of five minutes to check his eye and to reorder a new lens.
Whilst we were on the site I went to the Cataract Clinic to check whether my provisional appointment for cataract surgery was still Friday 13 September. I have had no paperwork and the appointment does not appear on the app that Addenbrookes use. I do have a follow up appointment in October. It seems if they make the appointment over the telephone they do not send out paperwork. Is it any wonder people forget and miss their appointments?
We then caught the park and ride bus into town where today’s picture was taken. This is Faye, (named by the owners children,) a Gyrfalcon. She had been working in the city centre scaring pigeons away from buildings when she decided to go on an outing of her own. She has a GPS tracking devise on her back so her owner was able to locate her. She is a young bird, only two years old and still being trained. She lives in Diss in Suffolk and her owner has five other birds. She is a working bird and goes all over the place frightening the pigeons away from buildings, but has not yet replaced Rufus the Wimbledon Falcon, which keeps pigeons away from the tennis courts. She is wearing a helmet so that she cannot fly off again until released to scare more pigeons.
We had coffee and cake in John Lewis and a walk around the town. We also visited the Whipple Museum, which is my husband’s favourite museum.
The temperature at GMT noon was twenty-two degrees Celsius; it was sunny all day.

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