Arkensiel Photography

By arkensielphoto

Birthday Girl

As it is my daughter’s birthday today I went to Cambridge with her and my granddaughter; we left home at 0800 hours, we like to be early! We shopped a lot, starting in the Grafton Centre where we also had Costa coffee and they had cake. Then more shopping over in the main part of town. We had lunch in Zizzi and then did some more shopping before coming home. She found several things that she wanted, but she still has more presents to come from her family as there was nothing else she wanted. Before coming home Victoria and I bought her some flowers.
Today’s main picture was taken as we waited for our starters to be served; the wine is mine; the extra picture is the coffee and cake they devoured earlier.
The temperature at GMT noon was twenty-four degrees Celsius; it was sunny all day.

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