By hpx

The alligator and the engineers hammer

It sounds like a story but it's not.

I've been thinking about Dad a lot lately and these were his. I'm glad that I have one of his engineering hammers from when he trained.

The alligator he designed and made during his training. The note inside the alligator says that he didn't chrome it. Correct details were important to Dad.

He was a practical and clever man.

I've been on a course today and located nearer to home than I usually am. It was pretty cruisey with the added bonus that I popped in to the Mitre10 (hardeware store) before it started.

I think I have everything I need for my latest project. I just need to make sure that the design and requirements are clear as I've decided to get the guys from the Menz Shed to make it for me.

When that's done, all will be revealed :-)

Today's gratitude: For the opportunity to gently potter this evening.

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