By hpx

Wheki (Dicksonia squarrosa)

We know it as the punga fern. Mine are thriving down the narrow south side of the house. In time I'll add something to cover the fence but for now there are other priorities.

I placed a couple of natural schist pavers at the front today. They're handy stepping stones instead of compacting the garden to reach the front hose.

I aerated one area of front garden, tidied a few weeds, and dug out some reappearing flax. Thrip, mites, and aphids have appeared on some shrubs and trees. So out with the neem oil and spray bottle.

I dealt to the scale on the neighbours front hedge while I was at it. It borders one part of my front garden and occasionally scale from the hedge spreads onto some of my plants. I watch my lemon tree closely for any signs of it. Scale loves citrus.

The joys of establishing a garden.

The floors look clean as does the bathroom. I've been industrious after my morning's exercise routine.

Today's gratitude: For the joy of laughter. It really is the best medicine.

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