By ColdCoffee


Since becoming a parent I have had to learn to let go of my schedule. Little Boo doesn’t seem to be a child who thrives on routine. Although we put him to bed at the same time daily, the time it takes for him to actually falls asleep can range from 5 minutes to 2 hours. He sometimes wakes up at 6.30 and sometimes 8.45. Some days he has 2 naps that lasts for 20 minutes each (those are ROUGH days) and sometimes he has 4 or 5 naps each for varying amounts of time.
There seems to be no rhyme nor reason.
Pre-parenthood I loved to be on time for everything, having planned the exact details of what my day would look like and sticking to the plan. These days I spend an awful lot of time sitting in our car waiting for LB to wake up from a nap that he spontaneously decides he needs.
Some days my organised and busy brain finds this a frustration, and it feels like a waste of valuable time. I’m trying my best to retrain my brain to appreciate these moments as opportunities to rest, process and be still before he wakes again and the madness resumes!

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