One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

Culture shock

Overall, Djamila is quite happy with her life in Ireland. 
Sure, even the Kuwaiti find the rents charged in Dublin extortionate. But the people are overall very friendly, if a bit scary at the weekend, as they navigate their boisterous ways from drinking den to drinking den. And overall they don't stare too much at her scarf. Her colleagues are professional and respectful. She is even beginning to get what her female friends at work mean about gender equality. She does not necessarily agree on everything, but she is beginning to get it. She may even consider learning to drive because the bus network is, how do the locals say again, ah yes, truly shoite. But then again, the prices charged for a car parking space in Dublin are nothing short of shocking. Even for a Kuwaiti. 
But overall her life is good. Her future is bright. 
And yet, on rare occasions, like at this very moment, she gets sudden pangs of nostalgia for her native lands. 
She can't quite understand why. 

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