Wild(ish) Nigella

A while ago Gill scattered some Nigella Damascena seed on the bank of the old rail cutting behind our house - several blooms have started to appear and it looks like they might well be a source of blips next year assuming they get themselves a grood growth spurt early on. The cutting wouldn't make a formal garden so more of a wildlife space with some hopefully self seeding wildflowers.

They are one of my favourite flowers - I like the way they thread themselves together to make a soft and yet very strong matt of stems and tendrils

Aside from that - I was out early to wash the car,  which went well enough, although, my efforts seem to have attracted the attention of every suicidal insect in the county :-(

A BH weekend approaches - and the weather is looking good - far too good for driving anywhere!  We'll probably sort out the now redundant fence panels, salvage what is useable and cut the rest into manageable pieces for a tip run next week. Hope everyone else has something more exciting planned :-)

Thanks to everyone who commented on yesterdays blip of James in the new Chamberlain Square water feature - I should be honest and admit this was a guest blip - my images were not up to much so I borrowed/edited one of my son-in-law's.

Edit:  One of my blips has won a prize in a local competition :-)
The one of the chap forging at Chedham's Yard

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