City Park & Leonardo

I am coming close to the end of my long visit to Denver. It has been a kind of ‘working holiday’ as I’ve had to deal with property issues. I had a whole list of city sightseeing things I wanted to do while I was here, but have done very few of them. It’s ok, though - I will still be coming to Denver on my work trips. But one thing I wanted to see was the Leonardo Da Vinci exhibit at the Museum of Nature and Science, located in City Park. So off I went this afternoon. This special exhibit closes next weekend so I knew this would be my final chance!

The exhibit was very enjoyable, highlighting Da Vinci’s life and work as an artist, scientist, designer and engineer (See Extra photo). There was also a fascinating section on new discoveries of his Mona Lisa, based on recently developed photographic technology which is able to uncover hidden elements of the painting. I assume this is a traveling exhibit, so it’s well worth a visit if it comes somewhere nearby.

After the museum closed I walked around outside for about 45 minutes and captured this view of the City Park Lake and the Denver skyline with the Pavilion in the foreground. It’s a well-known view of Denver, seen on many postcards. This doesn’t quite do it justice, but I liked the reflections and the clouds, though sadly they are almost hiding the mountains behind the city. The mountains can be seen a bit more clearly in the Extra photo.

There was one more thing to see at the museum, though! There is an IMAX theatre there, and at 6pm there was a showing of the short documentary movie ‘Superpower Dogs’. I LOVED it - the skill of dogs in rescue operations or as support dogs is truly amazing. I admit I got choked up as I watched!! Watch the trailer here.

Once back downtown I went out to one of my favourite jazz bars, Live@Jacks, as the well-loved local band Dotsero were playing once again. It was a fun finish to the day and a VERY late night!!

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