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By HeidiAndDolly

Saying Goodbye

Today was my last day in Denver. It was also the day that everything was being removed from my condo. For the last 11 years I have been doing corporate leasing which meant that it was completely furnished and the tenants were usually business people needing a totally equipped place for short to medium length stays. I recently made the decision to switch to normal residential leasing where this would be someone’s permanent address. And that type of leasing is almost always done unfurnished. My new tenant moves in in a few days.

So today everything was moved out in 2 stages. Most of the items went to a family in need, connected to the church I was a member of when I lived in Denver. A team of 5 guys and 3 small trucks hauled those items away. The rest of the furniture and some of the small items I sold to a guy who lives in the building and he’s sharing the items with his brother just buying a house, and his mom too. By 6pm everything was gone. I then went out for a quick dinner before taking a taxi to the airport hotel where I stayed tonight, ready to fly back to England tomorrow.

This shot was taken just as I was returning from dinner. My condo is in the tall building on the right. Baur’s is the historic building where the Dazzle Jazz Bar and restaurant is located - where I went several times during these 6 weeks in Denver, both for evening performances as well as their wonderful Saturday jazz breakfasts. In fact, I went one last time this morning, with a Flight Attendant friend who used to be based in London back when I was first based there in ‘92. We had a good time catching up with news while we ate and listened to the band.

But it’s not really goodbye totally. While I won’t be staying at the condo anymore, I WILL continue to come to Denver on my work trips. I’ve had a great time, and I was glad to finally get to stay in my condo after all these years. But I’m also very very eager to be back home in England. That’s where my heart really is!

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