Newcastle Downunder

By jensphotos


This blip is more a record for me.   Awaba house caught fire on Tuesday evening.  You can watch the news clip on the fire here  and you can read the history of the house here

 In fact it would appear that the first Awaba house burned down.  The second was demolished to build this one and now this one was gutted by fire.  The building behind it is Lake Macquarie Art Gallery and it was a miracle that it wasn't damaged as they are really quite close.  I have put another drone shot looking down on it in the extra.

My Aunt and I had lots of lovely meals in the restaurant so I am very sorry that this has happened and I hope they are able to rebuild.  Apparently before it was handed over to the council it was owned by the Department of Health and the district superintendent and his family lived in it for many years.  His daughter was speaking on the radio and has the original plans for the house so provided someone is able to cough up some money, it could be restored I suppose.  

I might add that despite the hoolie that was blowing Buzz completely behaved himself.  Maybe a trip over the water soon provided the winds have died down.

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