Sgwarnog: In the Field

By sgwarnog


Complications from Thursday’s tooth removal started around 10.30 at work when the socket started gushing blood in a rather alarming fashion. I’d been given some gauze wads in anticipation of such events and that eventually stemmed the tide, but I had to leave work and go back to the dentists for them to check it over.

They had a look, declared the bleeding stopped and were sending me on the way. As soon as I stood up from the dentist’s chair it started again, so they sat me back down and repeated what they’d done before. They sent me home for a couple of hours but once there it started again so back down I went. After another look they decided to send me up to the hospital, but at least I got a referral straight to a ward and didn’t have to go through all the A&E waiting.

A couple of hours later the good people at the Bradford Royal Infirmary had investigated, put in some more dissolvable plugs, added a few stitches and sent me home. It was 7pm by that point.

Since then (writing the following morning) there have been no more leaks as yet, so hopefully it’s sorted albeit sore. I just need to try to take things a bit easy over the next couple of days.

Somewhere along the way, this picture of one of the rooftop statues opposite Leeds station was the only one I took.

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