Reflected Bridge

My bliphunt walk this morning took me through part of Jesmond Dene. Needless to say I took a number of photos, but this is my favourite: the reflections were really lovely and I like the fact that it looks rather like an eye.

(Looks best viewed large, against black.)

It's been an amazingly lovely day - unusual on a bank holiday weekend! This afternoon we went to a garden party to celebrate the 60th birthday of one of our friends who used to live just across the road from us - a perfect day for it. Son#3 joined us as he has always been good friends with their sons. All was well until just before we were due to leave when a wasp zoomed into his mouth while he was talking and stung him on his soft palate! It was such a coincidence as they were just comparing notes about previous wasp stings as there were a few around. I'm pleased to say that he's OK (although still sore!): we did take him to the Minor Injuries Unit as I thought I could see the sting still embedded - and indeed it was but the lovely doctor gently removed it, much to our relief (OK, I could probably have done it myself but I don't like treating family or friends, and I didn't really have the necessary tools). Amazingly we were in and out of the hospital in about 20 minutes - the NHS can be fantastic at times!

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