By seizetheday


It's always sad to leave Whitby, especially on such such a hot, sunny day when it seems we've been there hardly any time at all!

But leave we did, for the long drive back home to Northumberland via West Yorkshire. When we met with C and M earlier in the week, they mentioned that they were hoping to buy a two-berth caravan. We mentioned that we were thinking of selling ours. So they came up the the campsite to look at it, and the deal was done! We arranged to take it down to them today.

When we arrived at their house, the caravan was handed over, and we had a splendid al fresco lunch with C and M.

The journey to West Yorkshire took longer than expected due to traffic jams, so to avoid Bank-Holiday silliness on the main roads on the way home we went a very long way round though the Dales. Some fabulous views of the Yorkshire three peaks. We stopped by Ribblehead Viaduct (extra) for ice creams, and a couple of shots of Ingleborough. Then up through Hawes, where we had a wander round. Over the moors past the Tan Hill Inn - we would have been tempted to call in but it looked to be full to overflowing - and past lots of the old Dales hay barns (extra).

Amazingly, home before midnight!

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