By seizetheday

Church Hill

Post-Whitby sorting out this morning for MrM and me - finished unloading the car, finished unpacking, two-loads of Whitby washing hung out to dry, and most of the stall gear put away ready for the next festival. Still need to find 'homes' for all the stuff we used to keep in the caravan, though!

Another gloriously hot, sunny day - too good to waste - so MrM drove us to Church Hill. First, a picnic by the sea, on an almost deserted beach, then a walk on the sand up to the cross, and through the dunes. Treated to a fabulous sunset over the Cheviot on the way home.

The cross marks the site of Alnmouth's old church of St Waleric, apparently already in ruins by the late 1700s. On Christmas Day 1806 there was a great storm, during which the last remnants of the church were blown down and the course of the River Aln changed, cutting off Church Hill from Anmouth. The extra shows the estuary at low tide.

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