From Blackford Hill.....

Ok, I need some blipper help.

While up on the Hill this morning, part way through taking some pics, my lens stuck, when I was trying to refocus. It just got so far and then it felt like I was having to force it further on. So I stopped. Once back at work I tried it some more (very cautiously), and I can now turn it all the way through, but, it gets very tight to turn between 35-24 mm section. I am using a Nikon 18-55mm lens. I am scared that if I keep trying it, I might damage it further.

Don't know why this suddenly happened, mid blipfest.

If there is something wrong, where is the best, yet financially friendly, place to either take it, or send it to? All help gratefully received.

Thanks. Don't have another lens I can use if I don have to send it off....the panic is setting in already!!!

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