Chilli squid and pickles - yum!

So, after doing a bit of research online, I took my camera along to Cameratiks, in Morningside, to see if they could help.

Apparently my focus setting mechanism and zoom action are faulty, so I have handed it all over to them, and will get it back next week. I was quoted £65, which seems pretty reasonable - cheaper than a lens.

Out for dinner with a friend this evening, before she flies back home to Cannes. And warmth and sunshine. Not jealous, no, not at all.

I love the food in Wagamama, and tonight I had my usual favourites of pickles and chilli squid, along with saien soba (fried tofu, veg and noodles in miso soup), which was delicious.....and a blueberry, apple and ginger juice. Think this is the healthiest meal I've eaten since before Christmas.

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