Sunday study.....

Wake, paracetamol, sleep, wake, wander, buy presents, home, brunch, fade.....

Very fuzzy today. Didn't even drink lots at last night's blipmeet, but weary from it none the less.

Afternoon is being spent indoors. Iain is busying himself with the cutting of cardboard for an upcoming exhibition, while I am enjoying doing sweet FA, except for drinking tea and sighing from time to time.

Off to find something on the iplayer or radio to fade in and out of.

Today's blip is of things that make us smile. Lisa Congdon piece at the back (which I've blipped before), a card I sent from SF a few weeks back, a ceramic bowl with lid, retrieved from my Mum's place last week, and made by my friend in SF many moons ago, and the latest addition is the delicious yellow bowl, made by Jen Collins and given to me, by Iain, for Christmas.

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