By inspirational

Another glorious day, I had a day of pottering, recycling and gardening. I delivered a tub of stewed apples to friends to use up the weekends windfalls.
During the afternoon, I spotted a Labrador trotting down the road on its own, it was going up to every door so was obviously lost. I called her and she came to me so I took her back to my house and gave her a drink. She had a collar but no tag, but was friendly. She followed me upstairs where I borrowed one oh Harry’s ties to use as a lead. She happily walked on her “lead” as I retraced the way she had come. Crossing the road when she seemed to want to, and after asking a few people and knocking on doors I managed to get her back home.
Later we had dinner out in the garden, gnocchi and butter beans in tomatoes with mozzarella. .

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