By suehutton

Keep out of the Kitchen

Seen at St Joseph's Tea Room up on the hill next to the monastery and abbey. Len, Basil and I stopped there on the way back from Coalville where I had a checkup and stitches removed.  

The top teeth I have now are only temporary! In October, they start the process of making the permanent denture.

I had hoped I could show Len Donington Le Heather manor, but it's only open Thursdays to Sundays. St Joseph's tea rooms it was then. A very quirky display of kitchen equipment.

Hot and humid. I retreated to the bedroom to watch Glenys Garnett's Creative Image videos. We've had a little rain. Golden sunlight outside again now, shining through more rain.

Len has bought me salad (just the salad mind, not the protein) and a box of oven chips for tea.

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