simple moments

By simplemoments

on the hunt...

...with the boo

bird hunting, bird watching, bird stalking - however you want to say it - has become the boo’s - most favorite pastime these days - being on the 4th floor - having several bird feeders - on the balcony amidst - the flower pots make - it so ideal for a kitty - to play out their hunting fantasies - (do kitties fantasize?)

at any rate - if you look closely at the boo - you can see ‘the tell’ with her - how she’s spied a bird - or 2 nearby due to - that little glistening right - under her nose - it’s that bit of excitement - (kind of like a dog wagging their tail) - right before those birds - actually show up - and believe me - no sooner had i snapped - this photo and stepped back - than did a finch appear - at the feeder - talk about having...


happy day.....

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