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By NatureWatcher

Clerical Error Morris musicians


We had the campers breakfast of sausages, baked beans and bread and butter (extra) then a little playing. Why play with the bricks when there's their box to play in? (Extra)

We then went to watch some morris dancing. The main photo is of the Clerical Error morris side's excellent band, the dancers are an extra.  

We then took down their tent and I waved them goodbye as they drove to collect my daughter-in-law who was still ill.

I joined friends in the band at the session then had planned on watching Skerryvore perform. They were flying in from America and were an hour late and I was so hot and tired that I just couldn't stay any longer.

I took my tent down and drove home. It was a very different festival this year, I didn't get to see many acts but it was lovely to spend time with the family.

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