Fast and Furious

Tuesday 27th August 2019

Mum and my sister-in-law spent the day in Chester while I went with my brother to Oulton Park to drive some Supercars. 

We started with a two lap demo so we could see the track, then moved on to four laps with the Audi R8. Next was the BMW i8 Hybrid, seen above with my brother waiting to get in. We then drove the Laborghini Huracan, Ariel Atom and finally the "Fast and Furious" car Nissan GTR. We finished the day with one lap in the Ariel Atom being driven by a race car driver. What a fabulous day! 

Late afternoon we met the others back at The Alchemist for more spectacular theatrical cocktails. A lovely meal in the hotel and a game of cards finished a very special day.  

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