Newcastle Downunder

By jensphotos

Welcome to Newie

When you are travelling to Newcastle port by sea, Nobbys is the first sight you see on entering the harbour.  This is the British Navigator sailing into Newie.  The Port shipping movements tells me it has come from Freo (Fremantle - note Perth and WA blippers) and will head to Sydney after here.

In the extra the Corona Kingdom had come from Japan (it's port of origin is Kobe (for Gillsabroad)) and it's heading to Taichung after here.  That's a lot of travelling in my books.

I have to say this was another test for Buzz.   Close to the spot where I had lost my connection to him and then couldn't recalibrate.  He calibrated perfectly, got all his GPS signals and off he flew.  I am wondering whether there was something techy on the light plane that caused the loss of connection before.  Anyway, all seems well now.   And doesn't that sea look lovely!

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