By Beckett


... Heron out and about on a super sunny day!

AND, still no rain....

Went by the dam this arvo as it was just so still and warmish, thought should be some fun.

Well sure was - have seen these night Herons around here in the bushes before but this guy/girl was sitting right at the end of the dam in the shade taking it easy. Pleased to get a shot also with the breeding feathers shown hanging back.
Liked this one with the reflections.

Anyway, what really upset me as I got out of the car this Azure Kingfisher flew into a pine tree right in front, a quick grab shot as it flew up a bit further onto a reed stalk but filtered by the pine branches. Then as they do off ..... it went!

You guessed it I had not changed the camera settings from last night and all that showed on the screen was "black"...??**
Anyways, proved the value of shooting in RAW at least I was able to resurrect "a sort of a shot"!!

Then found this Fairy Blue wren scooting around a tree feeding.

Then spotted across the dam this Egret enjoying the day until this Heron flew in to disrupt things.

So, all in all a good arvo, "note to self" - make sure camera settings adjusted before leaving home!!!!

Enjoy and have a look in LARGE

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