Arkensiel Photography

By arkensielphoto


I had planned to do a little gardening this morning, but it rained and so I had to wait until the garden had dried up a little before I could work on it. We have a small vegetable and fruit border, which never does very well. It also contains some herbs and I plan to make this into a herb garden although the fruit bushes and strawberry plants will remain in the border. I have cleared some of it, but it was already getting to hot to work outside, for me anyway! I have some potatoes to dig and I plan to do this on Sunday. Then I will need a trip to Scotsdales Garden Centre for some hardy herbs.
Today’s picture is of one of our squirrels, which came to feed after the rain shower had past.
The temperature at GMT noon was a cooler twenty-three degrees; it felt much hotter. Around 0900 hours this morning there was a light rain shower.

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