By tondrijfhamer


Way too hot today.
Despite the coolness in my office I hardly could get any work done at all.
I just couldn't concentrate. Instead I called my friend Richard, who had just returned home after his holidays and asked if he had some coffee. He did!

I went over to his place and we had two coffee in his garden. That's one of the advantages of being your own boss. I decide what I do, and when I do it. I went back to my office, just in time for... lunchbreak!

Richard and I both felt like flying our drones again, so we met again in the evening and we drove a bit through rural Groningen. Looking for wide open areas. Near the small village of Rottum we got our drones up and had a nice easy flight. No wind, no audience. 
Until suddenly we heard a noice behind us and saw a huge tractor with an even bigger mowing machine on it, that wanted to pass us. Richard's car blocked the entrance to the acre of the farmer in the tractor
With his drone still hovering high in the sky Richard moved his car as quickly as he could and then took control of his drone again.The farmer laughed about it and said it was no problem if we stayed.

But with this huge machine driving from left to right and vice verse, over and over again right in front of us we decided to go elsewhere.
We ended up in Noordpolderzijl but that wasn't a huge success. Lots of wind over there and what was even worse: lots of people too.
we flew a bit but nothing interesting came out of that.

But all and all we had a nice summer evening.

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