By davidc

Wide Wednesday: Travel

For Bobsblips's Widwed challenge theme of "Travel" today I dug out our 60+ year old Hornby "0" gauge clockwork railway and some Dinky & Corgi cars.  I wanted to take a panned shot to show the train travelling along the rails, but unfortunately the wind-up key packed in the box with the engine doesn't fit (it must be for a different toy!) so I couldn't make it go. So I had to fiddle the motion blur and the spin blur on the engine wheels in Photoshop. (I "lost the will to live" when it came to the truck wheels - I should probably get out more! - but as they're spokeless it probably doesn't matter too much.)

No doubt the car drivers were getting fed up with having their travel interrupted at the level crossing - you may note that two of the cars are Jaguars (there's also a Rolls in front of the blue mini but you can hardly see it, sorry).

View large if you've time, for the best effect.

(Thanks to Bob for continuing to look after this fun challenge.)

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