By davidc

Flower Friday: Backlit Borage

My Flower Friday bliphunt didn't take long this afternoon, as I remembered that we have some borage growing in the veggie patch. And as luck would have it, a watery sun had finally made its appearance at just the right moment, casting rather pretty backlight on the flowers. My Editor rather likes its "antennae".   :-))

The only problem is, we don't have any Pimms to hand to put it in. Never mind, according to "WebMD": "Borage flower and leaves are used for fever, cough, and depression. Borage is also used for a hormone problem called adrenal insufficiency, for "blood purification," to increase urine flow, to prevent inflammation of the lungs, as a sedative, and to promote sweating." So that's all right then...!

(PS Thanks for all the love for yesterday's bee blip. And of course, as always, to BikerBear Anni for looking after Flower Friday.)

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