By chantler63


This is on an outhouse door at Grove Farm - the source of yesterday's blip. I wandered round with my camera today to capture a few of the interesting opportunities that come with abandoned places. I poked the lens in a few places - mostly doors but a few empty outbuildings.  Nothing exciting - just fascinating.  As I was leaving to continue my dog walk I was met by another farmer who seems to be guardian of the place - was I aware that I shouldn't be looking round there?  Yes, I was well aware of that fact but since when has that deterred a photographer?  Apparently there have been a few break-ins by youngsters and a resident has taken to policing the place and calling the farmer when an intruder is spotted.  I shall have to be less brazen in the future!

Pepper's foot does seem to be more or less OK and she didn't limp at all on today's walk. She found a tennis ball on the way home (she has a nose for this type of thing) and was wanting to play.  We brought it home and played in the garden.

I have been editing my nephew's wedding pics today as I want to get them done before we go away on Saturday.  I have removed a great many Fire Exit signs and other things that spoil an image.  All done though and I think they will be pleased.  They do show a day full of love and fun.

John has been getting his tractor ready to take it to Bucks County Show tomorrow.  It can only travel at about 7 mph so gathers a bit of a queue behind until it joins the rest of the world trying to get to the Show - when everything is going 7 mph or slower!  I am not going to the show!

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