Return to the beach during afternoons after all the hotter than hot months. It was quite nice. But morning swim is still so refreshing that it's still my favorite time for swimming.

I went around the Clot this morning and did my intervals. I totally exhausted myself and the next 2 hours went just sitting and drinking and recovering. But I'm still glad how well the exercise went. Best one yet. It wasn't so hot when I left at 9:30, but after an hour when I got back it was quite hot.

Some very small insect - ant like - managed to make a nest in our house and from the corner of my eye I saw all of a sudden hundreds of insects going star-like to all directions. It was red alert immediately with some cleaning spray and rags and all men on board we managed to kill them all. That was quite a start to our morning before breakfast. Luckily we haven't seen them after that at all!

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