By pensionspoet

Last day

I can't remember ever coming to France on holiday for less than 2 weeks. It has never seemed worth all the effort, but this week (although I would have happily stayed another week) has been enough to feel like we have had a holiday. If we can afford to get back here next year (post the dreaded Brexit) it will definitely be for longer.

Today began cloudy, but with sun. We had a very much more relaxed day. I had the pool to myself and did a few lengths. You can tell it is the end of the season, although I've seen at least 2 British motohomes arrive today (with older retired looking couples) so the summer isn't completely over for some.

Henry has been in his jeans all day, and read his book in the shade by the pool! I couldn't persuade him in to shorts, or to swim. Jon didn't swim either, yet it was lovely and warm in the pool and out!

After a late lunch, we went to the Carrefour in Bayeux to do last minute spending. A bottle of wine, some chocolate, that kind of thing. And a box of 6 white chocolate ice cream snickers, which we had to eat outside the shop!! My diet has taken a proper nose dive this week, but I don't really care!!

I picked off the last of yesterdays chicken (it was ready just after 8 last night, plus a huge bucket of frites) and made a risotto with rice I'd brought with me. We've now washed up, put all our cooking things away, and packed up the car with a lot of the stuff. Tomorrow we will take down the tent, and go.

A lovely week in Normandy, but still so much I would like to see. Maybe I wont leave it another 36 years until I next visit!!

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