In the pink

Scratching around for a blip photo before the light had gone completely, I found the only flowers left in my very untidy garden are all pink. The anemones came from my garden in Linton in 2001, to Wandlebury and then successfully moved in 2015. I won't be moving them again. They have flowered more this year than last. The hibiscus also moved from Cambridge and has been amazing every year. I wanted an hibiscus after seeing them in France many years ago. The hydrangea was new to this garden. They have struggled this summer.

I'm exhausted. I'm starting to get a headache after just two very busy days at work, so I'm heading off to bed now. I really do need a very early night as I've been waking up tired. Not a good way to start. And our busiest time of year at work.

Hope you like my pink flowers. It's all I could find!

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