My lovely boys

Today Henry had to register at City College, Norwich for his course, which begins next week. So he had to get up early and came in to Norwich with me. We parked in St Andrews car park. The plan next week, will be park and ride. That is still the cheapest option. But today, Daniel was coming back from London, so for 3 the car park was the cheapest option.

Henry successfully registered at 11.30 and was done by 12. I met him at lunchtime and we had a quick look at some work clothing on the market. He needs steel toe cap boots, plus heavy duty work trousers. The polo shirts we need to order from the college. So next weekend we will be shopping!

I finished at 4.30 and met the boys. Daniel's train had arrived at 3.30 and they had found each other, and had a game of chess in the library!!! Yes, I know - I was impressed.

We got home at 5.30, I cooked dinner, and now I'm relaxing. Mollie is at a friends and the boys have disappeared....but not before I forced them to sit together for my photo.

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