Just Me

By clive1079


The Roseland Inn on the Grand Union Canal.

For those of you who don't know, you can see the difference between a barge or narrowboat on the left of Roseland Inn compared to the Houseboat on the right. The Houseboats are static and stay in one position whereas the narrowboats move up and down the canal. 

A close up of Roseland Inn is in extras .... I believe it is occupied at times, but I doubt it is licensed to sell alcohol.

A not so interesting fact about me is that I am licensed to sell alcohol.

Almost all packed and ready for a week in Scotland. We leave at 7am tomorrow for what I hope will be a leisurely and chilled drive up north.
I have packed the wellies for a holiday for the first time and judging by the forecast we're going to need them.
Not sure where we are heading after that, most likely somewhere in the North West. When we eventually do get back home I want to head out again and get a few days on the South Coast as well.

Have a fabulous Friday everyone and take care.

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