A day in the life

By Shelling


This little pond is for insects and birds, it's not hugely popular but it hasn't been here for long. The balls are of glass and are collected at a place where they make glass, these were rejects. 
Birds like it the most, there is even a sandbath to the left for them. Maybe there are lots of insects visiting, I just haven't noticed. 

It's been quite a  productive day, I just finished recording the last of the ten musical pieces. Left to record are four poems, but I can surely find time to do that on Sunday. 
There were time set off for a well needed run, after sitting down most of the day recording. After four kilometer I felt energetic again to continue working a little while more.
It has been exciting and a learning experience to record for me and I've had lots of conversations and negotiations with my critical self during the process. Now, I'll let it rest for a day and then come back to it and listen to it all before finishing it. 

I wish you a good night out there.

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