Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Hands of Love 3

Today in Southampton the Guildhall Square hosted 'Hands of Love 3'.  The publicity described it as, 'celebrating the arts of Southampton’s diverse communities with an open-air art experience called ‘Home Back Home’. 11 Marquees house each 11 region’s or countries artwork (their apostrophes, not mine) – so visitors can learn more about the various cultures and communities who live in the city. The event is completely free and visitors will, once again, be treated to a free lunch – a feast of ethnic foods – cooked by mosques, churches, temples and gurdwaras from across the city..

Really sadly I didn't have time for the free lunch as I only hooked onto the event at the last minute having gone to Southampton to see some art (John Hansard Gallery) and had an impossibly slow journey in on the bus because - guess what - Southampton were playing at home.  The crowds...

This very beautiful young man was in the Punjabi marquee, where I spent some time talking to Surjit Singh, who swore he could teach anyone - even me - Punjabi in 10 lessons.  What a lovely man.

I also met a kind and gentle man, Lorenzo, who was overseeing the dominoes game in the Carribean marquee.  I never knew dominoes was so big, the community plays matches all over the country.  Lorenzo is in Extras.

Not a lot else.  Winchester had another pro-EU/anti-prorogation demo which I saw the beginning of.  Very best of luck, good people.  And now I'm home hoping for a quiet evening

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