By dfb24

Happy Aliens

Our city always holds it's annual "St. Francis Days Celebration" over the Labor Day weekend, so this morning Jennie, Mae and I took the short-cut through the park to get over to the street where the parade would be. We could barely get Mae through the park because she was so fascinated by all the activities going on around her....rides, games, food, music, etc......not that I could blame her...I mean, who wouldn't want to stop and view the general splendor of the yellow aliens??  Haha. We made it to the parade & she was so excited because she picked up enough candy (thrown to the kids by people in the parade) to fill half of a plastic grocery bag! Then we headed back home so I could take Tom for his chemo appointment. I dropped him off, then went to visit my aunt who has just been moved to a rehab facility nearby the hospital following a fall. I walked into her room, she looked at me and said: "I hope to goodness you're here to spring me from this God forsaken place"! I told her I would if I could, and she said: "That's what they ALL say", & we both started laughing. I love talking to her, as at 94 her memory is totally intact! We visited until Tom called to tell me his chemo was finished. Before I left, my aunt told me what she always tells me......how much she misses my mom, & then: "come give your aunt a hug before you go, because I'm 94 & I just never know which day I won't wake up"! She's really amazing!  :)))
Thanks to admirer for hosting Silly Saturdays & hope you're all having a great weekend. 

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