To the max

Busy day looking after Mx whilst Mt&H took AR to London. We started with a trip to the opera (for tots) where he was the only one who took up the invitation to join the action and wandered around the set during the performance playing with the leaves and props (extra). He wasn’t at all pleased when he had to be stopped climbing on the set though and it ended with him have a screaming fit. Apparently that’s his preferred method for dealing with being cross at the moment.....I suppose he’s very nearly 2!
Home and got him some lunch then put him to bed, hoping that a nap would help, before heading to the farm near A&N’s house. Took Ollie too and they all had a brilliant time with the birds, foxes, goats, snakes, ponies, reindeer etc. Mx wanted to be carried quite a lot but there were enough of us to manage that and we all found something to enjoy.
Back to their house afterwards and we made pizzas in their little wood oven....delicious! N and Ollie loved messing about with the wood chips and all the various gadgets to get the fire to burn most effectively and it was the most successful trial they’d done so far. Afterwards we messed about in the hammock and chatted before I brought Mx home and then K and I chatted and watched nonsense.
I’m worried about P who is not getting out and about because his exhaust has broken. Only found out this morning .....T and I could have gone down there yesterday and sorted it for him if I’d known. Feeling guilty that I haven’t seen him this weekend and worried he’s struggling a bit. I think I’ll have to get him a dog walker and other help soon.

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