Mr Bell

Busy day! We got up reasonably early and did lots of tidying and hoovering in our bedroom, then cleaned the carpet with the Aqua Vax (well, Tim did that bit). I also packaged up my Fuji X-T10 and took it up to the post office (the rubber casing has been coming loose and Fujifilm have offered to repair it for free - it was a known problem on this model so I suspect they took the decision to just repair without question). Also picked up a package from the delivery office - a book my brother has sent me (Dark Places by Gillian Flynn).

As we were moving the bed around and hoovering under it, I took all my old GCSE and A Level artwork out from under it, and photographed everything - with a view to then binning it, but Tim persuaded me to keep hold of it. I did throw a few bits out, but only a few. This is a pastel drawing I did of my art teacher Mr Bell (and had forgotten all about). Not exactly Picasso, but it's not too bad I suppose. Colourful, anyway!

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