By spannarama

Not sure he has enough wingmirrors....

Up early-ish this morning, and down to Greenwich for a spot of mudlarking.  It was a good low tide, but the best spot I found was up near the wall at the top of the foreshore - found so many coins and pins and buttons!  OK, so the coins were all modern (about 30 pence worth, if you want to know), and I know pins and buttons don't sound particularly exciting, but they're something I see other larkers finding all the time and have never found myself.  Also pretty sure they have some good age to them.  I got to use my new hand-held metal detector too - very exciting getting a buzz and digging down - to mostly reveal a rusty old bolt or something, but still exciting!

Tim walked back home after and I caught the DLR and train - stopping off at M&S to get some lunch.  Cleaned my finds and then had a reasonably relaxed afternoon/evening, completely knackered from all our work yesterday.  

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