Starring the Crittergators in: The Potato Chip Kid

I am and always have been a big fan of potato chips. You know, the American kind. They are sort of flat and crispy; they come in bag and you eat them all up. When I was a little girl, I actually had a t-shirt that said on it: The Potato Chip Kid.

My favorite kind is Middleswarth bar-b-q. Always has been. We usually have a bag around the house. In fact, right now we have several, including a bag of the handcooked old-fashioned ket-l chips, a type I recently tried and now also adore. How I came by those is perhaps a tale for another day.

This particular chip is NOT a Middleswarth chip. It is some lesser brand, purchased by my husband, who is from some other part of the state where they (alas) did NOT grow up eating Middleswarth. I know: such a deprived childhood! But I love him anyway.

We are both potato chip fiends, and in fact, he told me that HE was called The Potato Chip Kid when he was small, a thing I find hard to believe because, of course, that person was ME.

But what this means is that, late at night, watching our shows, you might find one or both of us with a bag in hand, carefully looking for the very best ones.

For him, that means the brownies (brown ones) and the foldies and the bubbles. I don't care for the brownies, but I love the other two. And then he came across this one, with a wonderful HOLE in the middle, and I knew I had to have it for my photo shoot!

The Crittergators have decided that they also love potato chips! It makes a wonderful necklace or hat, or even a hula hoop. Those who are so inclined and well blessed with imagination may wear it like a skirt in that famous Marilyn Monroe Seven Year Itch subway grate scene.

Yes, I know it has lots of potential, that potato chip!

Here's a song in celebration of one of our favorite snack foods: Slim Gaillard, with Potato Chips.

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