On the Road (again)

Once again we are on out travels. Tomorrow we fly off to Tuscany, where our God-daughter is getting married next Sunday. Today we have driven down to our usual hotel, just outside Arlanda Airport.
It's a different world down here, 5 hours drive from home and just outside Stockholm. There is a well-muffled roar of traffic from the E4 just outside the window. Large signs advertise fast food outlets and petrol stations. The mainline railway is just beyond that carpark, with trains every five minutes. Whereas the news at home was that a wolf had been seen a couple of kilometres from where we live, on a forest track where I sometimes walk. We don't have wolves living in our part of the country so it was probably just passing through.  It seemed a pity to be leaving the area when I could have walked the same path as a wolf!
But I shouldn't exaggerate the differences. Even down here that horizon is 5 km away, and it's mostly forest. In 2005 a wolf wandered south into Stockholm, passed right through the center, sometimes using bridges and sometimes swimming between islands and was last seen disappearing into the forests south of the city.
By the way, there's a subtle rainbow in that picture, which I actually took from the lift coming up from the garage to the 8th floor. I wonder how those who are nervous about heights feel about those lifts?

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