By dogwithnobrain

I see You, watching me

I came home, parked up the car beside the house - and opened the door.   And there was the most plaintive meowing ever. 

Instantly I thought - I've run the bloody cat over. 

It's not an impossible thing - the pair of them happily stand in the middle of the drive - or behind the car on the pavement whilst we reverse out - or try and drive in. 

I tentatively bent over and looked under the car.... nothing.  I walked round the other side.... still nothing, and yet, still the loud meowing... meowing.. meowing. 

"where are you" I shouted.  Still nothing, just Meowing, 

I headed for the door to get Si to help me find her, when a little paw came out and slapped my foot as I got on the doorstep.  

the little midden was sitting, hiding in the leaves  - and waiting to surprise me!

Hmm.  She's trouble! 

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