By seizetheday


Definitely not a good idea, late last night, to look at the government's 'Get ready for Brexit' website - 'Get ready for total disaster' would be a better title. Trying not to think about the practicalities for our small business until I've calmed down a lot bit.

Needless to say, I didn't have a good night's sleep, and have been tired all day as a result. Quite a productive day, all the same. Photos of a newly finished cittern taken, and said instrument packed up and sent to its new owner. Tackled some domestic stuff, and even some de-cluttering - not much, but every little counts. And a trip to the tip recycling centre with MrM. He stopped the car on the way home so I could take a couple of photos of this harvested field, with Wooler and Humbleton Hill in the background. Impossible to get a shot without wires in it, but hey ho!

Grey all day, and by the time we went for a short walk on the Common early evening, wild and windy too. Spotted a couple of red squirrels, one on a distant feeder, and the other swaying around at the top of a very tall beech tree, presumable feeding on beech masts.

Planning to relax this evening in front of TV - probably the last episode of 'Keeping Faith' - on catch up, so as to avoid the news. Far too depressing...

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