Small Tortoiseshell

MrM left quite early this morning to walk to the top of the Cheviot with Ian. I'd very much rather like to do the walk myself, but as MrM had indicated that he'd rather I didn't go with them (don't ask!), I decided on a walk to the Common. Lots of families out enjoying the good weather, so no wildlife around, but in the stell the buddleia really were 'butterfly bushes'. Hundreds of butterflies on the flowers, mostly Peacocks and Red Admirals (extra), but several Small Tortoiseshells and Cabbage Whites too.

After lunch, a walk to the garden centre where I acquired a cyclamen to go on the shelf downstairs, and some plants for the kitchen. Then an hour pottering in the garden 'yard. Looking forward to a relaxing evening and a glass of something cool...

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