Cups in the kitchen

One is chipped, another cracked from top to bottom, and the third has a loose handle. No longer fit for their intended use, they make cheerful plant pots on the kitchen windowsill!

Stage 2 of the 'clearing the chaos' exercise started today. First, took a bag full of things from downstairs, freshly washed, to the charity shop. Then the books and maps... 
When MrM single-handedly (in my absence) cleared the 'Music room' ready for renovation, he piled some of the books unceremoniously on to a bookcase in the hall, and the rest in heaps on just about every surface in the office spare room. I spend quite a lot of time working on the computer in there. He put an empty bookcase behind a pile of 'stuff' in the hall.

Today, persuaded MrM to help me to move the empty bookcase in to the living room. Dusted all the books and put those destined for the 'Music room' (books on music and walking, and some maps) in the bookcase in the hall, and the rest in to the bookcase in the living room. 
Just a few more to move tomorrow morning. The office spare room seems a much more pleasant space already. The question is, why have I left it so long???

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