I was sorting out a few images for a camera club meeting this evening when I heard a loud thump from a downstairs window - loud enough for me to think some damage was likely.  When I arrived downstairs it was clear something had hit the kitchen door with some force, and what I am 99% sure was a female sparrowhawk was flying sheepishly over the fence.   Three small feathers were left stuck to the door.

I am assuming she had caught something and hit the door as she couldn't clear the house.  There is some blood on the lawn along with a few more feathers so she has most likely had a meal for her pains.

A wider view in the extra.

Thankfully - no damage to the house - the sparrowhawk probably has a serious headache at the very least.

Looking forward to hosting Wide Wednesday tomorrow on the optional theme of City Architecture. Next week the theme is a grand pile which should be good for those of us too far from a city.

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